A Guide to California’s Bicycle Law

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Bicycling is one of the pastimes of Californians. Many of their biggest, most famous cities use the cycle as an alternative to passenger cars. These cities have spent millions to renovate aging infrastructures in order to accommodate cycles in a better way.

It is easy to see why. Bicycles are smaller, lead to less traffic congestion, generate zero pollution, and come cheap in the market. Bicycling is one of the safest alternative transportation modes. However, the state law puts some obligations and restrictions on bicyclists, and not many understand all these.

How the Vehicle Code Applies to Bicycles

In the vehicle code, you can find almost every specific code that pertains to bicycling. The rights, responsibilities and privileges for truck and car drivers are the same as for cyclists, with some exceptions. The section under which these rules come, stipulates where you can ride bicycles, how these should be produced and maintained, plus what you cannot and can carry, use, or wear during the ride.

In Which Places You Can Ride a Bicycle

A generally followed guideline is that when you ride your bicycle in traffic (keeping up the speed with every car around it), you can do so anywhere inside the lane provided that you ride with traffic. When you cannot maintain that speed, California’s law necessitates that you do so inside a bicycle lane, or as near the right edge as possible. There are some exceptions to the rule, including the following.

  • When going past pedestrians, other bicyclists or cars;
  • When taking a left turn;
  • To avoid hazards on the road, like debris, railroad tracks, potholes, and/or potholes.
  • Or, when nearing a turn to the right.

These exceptions permit bicyclists to get into the vehicle travel lane. Motorists have to let bicyclists do that and should, in this instance, treat bicycles as though these were autos. Drivers hate this as it necessitates them to decelerate and to be patient.

Entering the California Sidewalk is Virtually Impermissible

Under the state law, separate municipalities or cities can pass regulations and rules, which deny or permit bicyclists right of entry to any sidewalk. In most instances, it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk except if a kid is the bicyclist. Even if it is specifically permitted, riding here can be unsafe.

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