Motorcycle Safety: How to Prevent a Blind Spot Accident

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Motorcycle accidents tend to cause devastating injuries. A common kind of motorcycle accident is one that involves the blind spots of other vehicles – when a person rides a motorbike in these spots, it is extremely difficult for the other driver to notice the bike and the rider. Motorcyclists and drivers alike have to effectively inspect their blind spot to reduce the possibility of these kinds of accident.

Why Check for a Blind Spot

A blind spot refers to a spot around an automobile which the driver cannot spot in their side mirrors. As a driver does not have a straight line of sight to this spot, they are not able to notice dangers within it.

You cannot really see what is in blind spots by checking the mirror, so you have to know the further steps needed to ensure these areas are all clear before you make traffic maneuvers.

Ways to Help Prevent a Blind Spot Accident

Motorcyclists and motorists have to actively strive to avoid these types of collisions by taking certain steps whenever they are on the road in California.

What Motorists Have to Do

  • Before hitting the road, make sure mirrors are properly set to get the best visibility possible. With proper position, mirrors significantly reduce the amount of your automobile’s blind spots. The rearview mirror of your auto has to show the whole rear window. Side-view mirrors have to be positioned toward the blind spots of your vehicle.
  • Avoid distracted driving. Distractions limit the awareness you have of motorbikes which get into your blind spots.
  • Use turn signals while changing lanes or turning at all times. If a motorcycle rider is in your vehicle’s blind spot, then this warns them of your intentions so that they can move. Besides, you must activate your signal and give some time for that rider to move.

What Motorcycle Riders Have to Do

  • Understand where blind spots of adjacent autos are and stay out of these when possible.
  • Ride behind or in front of an auto rather than a position close to it. Ride next to a vehicle when making a pass, and finish it fast and in a safe way before getting into the spot in front of an auto.
  • Keep additional space between your bike and other vehicles. Minimum 6 meters of buffer space will reduce the amount of time which you spend in other vehicles’ blind spots.
  • Put on reflective gear and use headlights of your bike to enhance your visibility and to help other motorists spot you and your vehicle.

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