Who Is Responsible For My Compensation If I Suffered A Bus Accident Injury?

Bus Accident Attorney
Bus Accident Injury

In the bus accident which caused you the injuries, there might be more than one party which can be held liable. Hence there will also be numerous parties who will be responsible to give the compensation to you. Recognizing and understanding all the parties involved is very important because this is very crucial in getting the appropriate compensation that you are eligible to receive.

Here are the potential defendants who are normally responsible to give you the compensation in normal bus accident cases.

The Bus Driver

Sometimes the direct negligent behavior of the bus driver might be the reason for the bus accident. The proper investigation held by the bus accident attorney can help to find the real cause of the accident. The negligence of the bus driver can be in any form like driver fatigue, drunk driving, over speeding, distracted driving etc. It should also be investigated if the bus driver had broken any of the traffic rules, which eventually led to the accident.

The Maintenance Company

According to the law it is the duty of the maintenance company to ensure that the bus is in a good working condition. They have to ensure that the brakes, tires, engine, lights and other parts of the vehicle are in proper working condition. If the bus accident has occurred because of the failure in any of these, the company will be answerable.

The Bus Company

If it is proved that the negligence of the driver has caused the accident, the bus company can also be held liable for the same. They will be liable for their negligence in hiring an appropriate driver or also because they made him to work extra time.

The Bus Manufacturer

Sometimes it may be proved that the accident was caused by any of the defective parts of the bus. For this reason, the bus manufacturer may also be held responsible. They will also be required to pay the compensation for their negligence.

Other Motorists

In some cases, it may be proved that it is the mistake on the part of some other motorist which caused the accident. The bus driver or the bus company will not have any responsibility in the accident. In this case, your lawyer can take the appropriate action to make a claim against the motorist at fault, to get the concerned motorist to pay the full or a part of the compensation.

Your bus accident attorney can help you determine the parties which are liable to pay you the compensation.

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