An Overview of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

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The number of people riding vehicles in Los Angeles is increasing day by day, and so is the number of motorcycle collisions, serious injuries and fatalities. This number has doubled when compared to 1997, despite the reports, surveys and the advice that are given to motorcyclists. It is been reported that the cause of the accidents varied much and are often very difficult to determine for particular types of collisions. Most of the motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles are caused by speeding and the consumption of alcohol and drugs, which can be either on the part of the motorcycle driver or the opposite driver.

The likely chance for any motorcycle driver to die is 33 times than a car driver for the same number of miles. The death and injuries caused by motorcycle accidents have the potential to affect many lives than just that of the rider. It can often be a tragedy for the family and friends of whoever died or injured in a motorcycle accident.

Fatal Bite Statistics in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a very dangerous city for motorcyclists than any other city in California. The major statistics have shown that the recent fatal motorcycle has put Los Angeles in the 42nd position out of the 58 countries of the state. According to these statistics, Los Angeles is the first most dangerous place, with Riverside County, and was the 41st out of the 58 countries.

Motorcycle accidents and its causes in Los Angeles have been studied extensively as many funds were allowed for the study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It has been allowed by Harry Hurt who was a researcher at the University of Southern California. The study regarding motorcycle accidents was completed in the year 2007; the data and the conclusions of the study were combined for providing safety measures to motorcycle riders that are still not outdated. Harry Hurt carried out a detailed study on 900 crashes and 3600 traffic accidents that happened near Los Angeles which involved motorcycles. The statistics that were compiled by Harry Hurt are very detailed and the results can be easily applied anywhere else in California. Here are some key points from the statistics conducted by Hurt.

Only one by fourth of the total motorcycle accidents were collisions that don’t involve other vehicles. Three fourth of the crashes were accidents involving other vehicles.

The fault was from the rider’s side for most of the single-vehicle accidents which were mainly caused after not being able to correct while entering a bend or when the rider was unable to brake while speeding the vehicle.

Accidents caused due to stray animals, defects of roads, or weather were less than 5%.

The causes of the motorcycle accidents that involved other vehicles were mostly driver errors in 2/3rd of accidents.

The cause for the majority of the motorcycle accidents due to the fault of the other driver was their failure to see the defending vehicle before the collisions.

Most motorcycle accidents that were fatal happened at the intersection with other vehicles turning to the left.

About sixty percent of the total accidents that took place in Los Angeles involved riders who weren’t wearing helmets for their safety.

Less than ten percentages of the total riders who were involved in a motorcycle accident had medical insurance that helped them to cover them from the event of serious injuries.

Resources for Families of the Riders Who Pass Away in Motorcycle Accidents

The families of the deceased motorcycle riders often have the worst burden as a result of the loss of their loved one’s life. They will have to cope with their loss and grief while they might be financially in short of cash to pay the bills. When a motorcycle accident happens and leads to a fatality, it is always good for the family members to contact an experienced Los Angeles attorney as soon as possible after their demise.

The family of the rider should choose a personal injury attorney with good experience in dealing with motorcycle accident cases in Los Angeles. Even though the causes of motorcycle accidents could be difficult to be determined, it is always best to leave the choice of analysis to an attorney who knows to find witnesses, examine the crash reports, police reports as well as the medical data.

Filing a lawsuit against the person at fault can help the family of the demised in many ways -the compensation payment can help to pay the bills of the family; successful solutions can help the family of the demised to give closures that can be a help in their recovery; successful lawsuits helps in putting out necessary warning to the motorcycle rider community.

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