Expert Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident
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According to the studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 80% of all motorcycle accidents happening on the roads end up in either injury or death. Henceforth, motorcyclists need to do everything possible to stay safe at any cost.

Alert all the times

Once the motorcyclists are on the road, they must be alert and ready to face the sudden swerves and lane changes. All the while, motorists who are continuing their texting while driving poses a real threat to themselves and those on the roads. Other major barriers where they have to be alert include potholes, railroad tracks, patches of sand, other hazards on the roads and often fellow riders.

Never speed up or drink

Driving in Influence is the most common factor that makes the rider and those around them more vulnerable to accidents. The number of single-vehicle collisions comprises around 40% of the total motorcycle accidents. Moreover, speed is also a mighty enemy that turns out to be the main reason for one out of three fatal accidents.

Helmets for the rescue

Transportation Department approves helmets which can be used by the motorcyclists for their safety purposes. For maximum visibility these helmets can be painted with light colors. After a crash or every five years, they have to be replaced. 

Be conscious at the intersections

Accidents occurring in the intersections are a common scene which constitutes half of the total motorcycle crashes. The most routine cause for such a mishap is the motorists taking a sudden left just in front of the motorcyclist. An appropriate response by staying on high alerts in these spots on the roads can save lives.

Don’t neglect the safety wears

Going for the long sleeves and pants, which are made of leather or any other protective material can save you from a major injury due to the accident. Yet another safety wears are of using boots, gloves and eye protection. Invest in larger gear designed for different temperature and also do not forget to add layers.

Attend Safety Course

Motorcyclists need to be always aware of the technicalities of motorcycles and driving on it. Attending any motorcycle safety courses can be very helpful to the new motorcyclist, as they would attain a basic knowledge of driving on the roads professionally. To acquire more participation, seldom insurance discounts are offered for taking part in such classes. 

Opt for the bright colors

Both your bike and clothing can be made brighter by adding reflective elements. Such a preventive action of the riders makes them visible to other motorists on the roads. Moreover, you may ride in the lane section to be noticed along with the use of headlight. 

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