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Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accidents FAQs

Motorbikes have become a common mode or transportation in the United States these days. In fact, the number of motorbike commuters in the country has increased phenomenally from the past few years and so is the number of motorbike accidents. Hence, you must take this topic seriously and must master the technique to prevent such accidents. You are likely to have several doubts regarding the same if your loved ones are riding motorbikes for their daily commutation. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about motorbike accidents and you may refer to it.

What should the victim do after a motorbike collision?

The first thing that you must do right after a motorcycle accident is seeking appropriate medical assistance. Some people may ignore this step if the injuries are mild. Note that some injuries may show its severity only after a few days and sometimes, it may trigger severe consequences over time. Hence, it is important to rush to the nearby hospital right after the collision and get yourselves checked out thoroughly. In case you are not severely injured and you are in your senses, never try to argue with anyone involved in the accident or apologize and take the blame on you. Instead, document every single detail as you can before the ambulance arrives. Furthermore, medical reports are important to prove the severity of your injuries in court. If you skipped this, the insurance companies may point it out and are likely to affect the amount of your compensation.

How to collect evidence after a bike accident?

As mentioned above, you must document every single detail of your motorcycle accident in the first place. If you have an undamaged mobile, click as many photos of the accident scene. Include the tire marks, your injuries, the position of the vehicles, its surroundings, and the witnesses. Sometimes, you will not be able to gather information from the witnesses and hence, clicking their photographs will be helpful for you to search for them later. You can seek help from the police as well. Usually, authorities will remove the vehicle involved in an accident from the road shortly to keep the traffic flow on. Hence, you must gather evidence as fast as you can. Then, report your case and document the details carefully. Besides, never talk to the insurance agents of the opposite party without the consent of your motorcycle attorney since they may try to manipulate you. After all, they will always give prime importance to their profit.

Is the number of motorbike accidents higher than car accidents?

The number of motorcycle accidents is reportedly less than car accidents. However, the severity of the former is much higher when compared to the latter. It is worth noting that passenger cars are equipped with many safety measures such as seat belts, air bags, enclosed structure, etc., to tackle the impact of a crash. Hence, the fatalities will be less. On the other hand, motorbikes do not feature of the safety measures mentioned above and the victims are likely to throw off from their bikes resulting in catastrophic injuries. According to a report published by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the number of fatalities caused by bike accidents is 35% higher than that of car accidents.

How do motorbike accidents happen?

A number of factors can cause motorbike accidents and it will be different in different cases. Still, some of the common causes include the negligence of the driver, drugs, alcohol, action taken by a motorbike rider to avoid a collision, etc. Below are some of the important facts regarding motorbike accidents.

  • 56% of motorbike collisions are caused by a head-on crash with a passenger vehicle and the victims are likely to get killed in such accidents
  • 42% of the motorcycle accidents are caused by the negligence of the opposite party. For instance, when a car going ahead try to change the lane without giving attention to other ongoing vehicles
  • Another major cause of motorbike accidents is lane splitting. Usually, motorbike riders tend to drive between two lanes, especially during stopped or slow traffic. However, the injuries caused by this type of accidents are relatively less severe
  • 25% deaths in case of motorbike collisions occur when the bike goes out of control and hit hard on a fixed object. Some of those common road hazards, in this case, include potholes, slippery roads, animals crossing the road, etc.

What is the major cause of death in motorbike accidents?

If an accident is extremely severe, the victimis likely to die on the spot because of fatal physical injuries or damages to the internal organs. Otherwise, the injuries that are likely to result in the death of the victim after a while are;

  • Burns due to gasoline, road rash, contact with the 230-degree engine, explosions, etc.
  • Traumatic spinal cord and brain injuries
  • Compound fractures
  • Collapsed lung
  • Internal bleeding
  • Whiplash
  • Abrasions and lacerations
  • Sprains

Sometimes, the injuries will not be evident at first and the victim may walk away from the accident scene totally fine. However, certain injuries may cause severe internal damages and may show symptoms only after several weeks or months. As a result of late diagnosis, the victim is likely to die in this case.

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