Motorcycle Malfunctions That Lead To An Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
causes of motorcycle accidents

You might have noticed motorcycle accidents that occur despite the rider exerting enough caution in avoiding even the slightest chances for an accident. A crash could result from the negligence of another driver, hindrances on the road, a pedestrian crossing the road carelessly, or a motorcycle malfunction.

The motorcycle manufacturer is to be blamed for an accident caused by a malfunction in the motorcycle design. The laws that deal with cases like these differ slightly in different states. In this session, we are focusing our discussion on the causes of motorcycle accidents.

Brake Defects

Defects in the braking system, its improper installation, or other problems related to manufacturing might make it difficult to slow down the bike or come to a stop. This poses a serious threat to the motorcyclist as well as vehicles on the road. Even if the reaction time of the rider is perfect, they may fail to stop the bike after seeing a pedestrian on the midway of the road.

The causes for the failure of the bike can be several, and depending on where actually the defect is, the manufacturer of the motorcycle parts, the motorcycle manufacturer, or even the garage that handled the installation of the brakes could be at fault.

Defects In The Fuel System

Due to exposed nature and proximity to the rider’s legs, fuel system defects can lead to burns. Malfunctioning of the fuel system commonly causes leg injuries.

Defects In The Design Of The Motorcycle

Unless the design of the motorcycle is free of shortfalls, the chances of motorcycle accidents are quite high. In many cases, bikers fail to notice flaws in the motorcycle design, which is why they end up buying one with a defective design.

The nature of the accident decides the liability of the accident, and in most cases, it is the motorcycle manufacturer, parts manufacturing company, or the company that handled the maintenance works of the motorcycle who have to be held liable for the crash. If you are convinced that a defect in the motorcycle led to the crash, you may approach a motorcycle accident lawyer for advice and sue the liable parties.

Tire defects

Many think that defective tires pose a threat to passenger cars alone but the idea is false. Defective tires could pose an even bigger threat to motorcycles. Tire defects lead to the tread getting separated from the tire, thereby resulting in a blowout. During the vent, bikers lose control of the motorcycle that may ultimately lead to a serious crash.

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