Motorcycles: Seams on the Road are Dangerous than Potholes

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When riding a motorbike, watch out for bumps or seams in the center of the lane. These cracks can be dangerous than potholes on the road, and sadly, authorities are not all that likely to fix them.

Hitting a pothole could just jolt your motorcycle’s front suspension and could damage a rim, but the suspension should absorb the bulk of the impact. You can usually get over the pothole pretty fast with little damage to your motorcycle.

Meanwhile, seams on the road could have a more dangerous effect on a rider’s motorcycle suspension and steering. He or she could just veer off the roadway or to the oncoming traffic.

Seams are trickier to spot than potholes, and this adds to the danger. As opposed to potholes, seams may not be having broken asphalt, plus there will be no shadow except if the sun’s position is low in the sky.

If you are watching the autos in front of your bike to see whether they are bumping about, then it could veer off to a pothole. However, when cars straddle seams on the road, it does not offer you a warning.

Tips to Deal with Bumps on the Road

Follow the below tips to avoid seams and a motorcycle accident.

  • Keep away from the center of the lane when you are on under-engineered and country roads. These roads are likelier to have seams.
  • Keep a safe distance amid your motorcycle and the automobile in front of it so your odds of noticing upcoming seams will be better.
  • Slow down your motorcycle as much as you can before hitting a seam, but release your brakes before hitting the bump so that its suspension will absorb this impact.
  • Move the upper body to a forward position to avoid your front wheel from going off the surface too high, thus helping absorb the hit.
  • After passing the seam, stop your bike and take a photo if doing so is safe. Send the picture with details of that place to local authorities demanding that they fix the issue.

If you have been or your loved one has been severely injured in a motorbike accident, then you could be eligible to get compensation for the damages and suffering. When you can, get in touch with a motorcycle lawyer in California to have your legal options reviewed by them.

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