Motorcyclists Lives Saved by Banning the Use of Devices While Driving

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The rate of motorcycle accidents has reduced considerably in states where the usage of phones and other devices during driving is completely illegal. The governments who took strict actions against violators saw the positive results in these states. The motorcycle accident rates went down by as much as 11% in these states. Below is a discussion on the research results regarding the motorcyclist behavior after the ban came into being.

“In the case of motorcycles, these laws seem to be effective,” commented the co-author of the study, Gulcin Gumus, Ph.D. “While it’s uncertain that these laws have affected lessening the general number of traffic fatalities, when we center explicitly around bikes, we find that these laws are having a noteworthy effect in diminishing passings among cruiser riders.”

The researchers accumulated yearly information from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. It was based on aggregate traffic fatalities from every one of the states from the time of 2005-2015. The impact of strict, moderate, and weak handheld gadget bans, was contrasted with no bans. This information was combined on a state basis. When compared to all other engine vehicles used in the US, bikes cause a lot more extent of traffic accidents. It is advisable to approach a motorcycle accident attorney if it happens to you or your close ones.

Bike casualty rates have displayed no decrease in the course of the last few decades. On the other hand, better security measures have significantly reduced deaths from other vehicle over a similar timeline. The investigation results demonstrate that motorcyclists are at a much higher risk when it comes to distracted driving and therefore, could profit by these laws.

Currently, 16 states and the District of Columbia have made speaking on a handheld cellphone while driving illegal. The 38 states and D.C. limit the utilization of all cellphones by drivers with limited experience. This is based on the information provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 47 states and D.C. also made text messaging illegal.

“Every day about nine Americans are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in traffic crashes that involve distracted drivers,” commented the FAU study co-author Michael T. French, professor of health economics in the Miami Business School’s Department of Health Management and Policy. “While our initial goal was to understand whether these laws save lives on the road, the broader application of our findings is even more powerful.”

The above information supports the fact that the prevention of phone usage helps people to ride safely on motorcycles. If you fall victim to a motorcycle accident, you can seek help of a motorcycle accident attorney in California to file a motorcycle accident claim.

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