The Impact of Riding Motorcycles without Wearing Helmets on your Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Motorcycle Accident Claims

One of the most common modes of transportation that most people in the United States currently rely on is motorcycles. Unsurprisingly, the number of bikes rolling on the roadways of America is increasing with every passing year and so is the number of motorcycle accidents. Unlike other road accidents, motorcycle accidents are often devastating and traumatic. This is mainly because of the lack of safety measures such as seatbelts, an enclosed structure, airbags, etc.

Most bike accident victims are left with catastrophic injuries, lost wages, expensive medical bills, extreme pain and suffering, etc. Hence, it is important for either the victim or the family of the victim to consult a motorcycle lawyer and file a lawsuit to hold the person responsible for your losses. You can also obtain fair monetary compensation for the damages that you suffered. However, what if you were not following the federal laws?

Note that just like it is mandatory to fasten the seatbelts while driving four-wheelers, it is required to wear a helmet while riding two-wheelers. Some people tend to oppose this rule highlighting the principles of freedom of choice. However, in case you got involved in a road accident while riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, it can badly affect your insurance claim as well as your motorcycle accident lawsuit. This will depend on the state law regarding wearing helmets at your place and the admissibility of the helmet law violation.

In case your state boasts a mandatory helmet law, your violation of law will be highlighted to point out the amount of negligence on your side. Needless to mention, this can either reduce the compensation for your damages or can eternally bar any recovery against your damages from the defendant. In case of a comparative negligence state like California, the victim can still claim for the damages. However, the monetary compensation will be reduced based on the victim’s share of fault. Hence, it is important to hire the services of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to obtain maximum compensation. For instance, if your leg is broken as a result of the accident, a well-versed motorcycle accident attorney can easily argue that wearing a helmet will not have any impact on the accident. Furthermore, it will be hard for the victim to claim damages from their own insurance company if he/she was not wearing a helmet while riding their motorcycle. It is to be noted that some insurance companies even tend to boost the premium charges of their customers who fail to wear a helmet while riding their vehicle.

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