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As per the reports by the United States Department of Transportation, about 80 percent of motorcycle accidents cause a severe injury or even result in death. Understanding the rules is an essential part of safe driving on the roads, especially in a state like California, which has a high record for the number of motorcycle accidents every year. The rules for motorcycle accidents in California are similar to that in other states, although there are a few exceptions.

California Laws

California, in fact, is the only state that has passed a law, which allows lane splitting. This means that bikers are allowed to travel crossing the marked lines separating two different lanes, in the event of heavy traffic. This law helps the bikers to move faster ahead of the sluggish traffic around them. It is mandatory to wear helmets all the time and you also need to have liability insurance whenever you are riding your bike. Every person who wishes to take a ride on the California roads on their motorcycle is expected to have their Class M1 or M2 license. They should also pass the skills test.

On several occasions, highly skilled motorcycle drivers become victims of motorcycle accidents. The usual coming together involves motorcycle and automobiles, or motorcycles and bus. Some of the major causes for motorcycle accidents include driver inexperience, mechanical failure, adverse weather condition, driver fatigue, automobile drivers failing to notice motorcyclists, drivers driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or blind stops.

Information to Document after an Accident

There are certain important pieces of information, which come in handy when you file a lawsuit and proceed with the legal requirements. Make sure you get these details after the accident if you are in a condition to do so. The details needed are license plate number, driver’s license number, police report, insurance information, exchange contact information, and photos of the motorcycle and the automobile.

Bear in mind that you always have to protect your legal rights when you are involved in a Los Angeles accident. Besides, it is very crucial that you have the presence of motorcycle accident lawyers if you are signing any document brought up by the opposing insurance company. Make sure that you get it reviewed by the experienced lawyer before you sign it. Otherwise, you may have to settle for a low settlement amount and you may not even notice because of your lack of knowledge and inexperience in the matter.

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