Tips for Riding a Motorbike Safely When it is Raining

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Motorbike Safely Tips

Riding a motorcycle is risky and unsafe when compared to driving another vehicle. However, millions of people do this safely by following the rules. Slowing down the vehicle is the first rule of motorcycling in bad weather. It will reduce the possibility of slippage, and will give the rider the reaction time they need to avoid a motorcycle accident.

Use the Appropriate Rain Gear

Automobile collisions are frequent enough for motorcyclists, and rain can increase the possibility of an unaware driver clipping their motorcycle. So make yourselves visible to other drivers by wearing high visibility gear when riding your motorbike in the rain. The gear will keep you dry and will help you be very noticeable in low visibility conditions. Besides, you must wear a full face shield or helmet to better see the road or traffic in front.

Ride on the Appropriate Tires

Long-lasting motorbike tires may seem like a worthy investment, but these are made from stiffer, more rigid rubber. These tires will not give you the right kind of traction. As traction is what you need when riding on wet roads, use tackier tires to ensure better traction. You may have to replace tackier tires more often, but these may help you avoid a situation where you would have to dump your motorcycle on slippery roads.

Brake Smartly

On slick road conditions, brake gradually – pumping your brakes when required – to keep your tires from locking up. In addition, use the rear brake to a greater extent than you would on dry conditions. If your back tire is sliding, correcting a skid is easier than it would be if your front tire is sliding. Water on the road/tire will affect how well the brakes grab, which will increase the stopping distance you require.

Increase Your Visibility

It is as important for you to see the traffic lying ahead of you as it is to make yourself more visible to others. Riding rashly into the rain will considerably reduce your ability to notice dangers in the roadway. Use a product that can help absorb and remove rainwater from your plastic shield so that you can better see the traffic ahead of you. In addition to that, consider using a yellow visor in place of the dark one you presently have.

Kit Out Your Motorbike

Consider replacing your headlamps with superior candlepower bulbs for increasing their light output. Install a brake light modulator on your motorbike; this can help drivers spot you from behind. If you do not have something on your bike to store your rain gear, consider using a cargo box or saddlebags for that purpose.

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