What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles?

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Good riding conditions and beautiful scenery makes Los Angeles the perfect place for motorcycle riders to go for a ride. The mad cravings for crazy driving also turn them into a rather dangerous place of crucial motorcycle accidents. Recently, about 900 of those accidents were taken by the University of Southern California for further researching, to find out what had really caused these motorcycle accidents.

The failure of a motorist in order to notice and later recognize the motorcyclists on the road is one of the basic causes for the accidents involving motorcycles. Meanwhile, the least common cause was constituted by roadway defects, the involvement of animal and failure of the vehicle.

Recreation trips along with friends as errands had ended up with the next set of motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, one must be at least above average in their driving skills to take their motorcycle to the busy roads. As of the surveyed statistics, more than 9 out of 10 motorcycle drivers were either self-taught or learned from friends and families. They did not have any professional training on driving motorcycles.

Quite shocking yet brutal fact associated with the motorcycle accidents is that it takes less than 2 seconds for the motorcycle rider to complete all crash avoidance actions.

The need for proper training of motorcycle is the need of the hour, as the statistics found in the survey were rather gruesome and grave. As mentioned earlier, if the moment for a reflex reaction to save his or her life is barely 2 seconds, they had to be utilized in the best possible way to avert a potential motorcycle accident.

Riders without a preferred motorcycle license were predominantly involved in motorcycle accidents, according to the studies done by the University of California. The best way to improve this defensive skill would be of giving some sort of training to the inexperienced and untrained motorcyclists. Furthermore, the process of motorcycle license certification also comprises of this basic training on motorcycle driving, as it is its crucial part.

Around 8.2 % of the accident involved with motorcycles turns fatal, which was found out from the surveys done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. However, accidents can be avoided by wearing noticeable jackets and similarly colored helmet.

When these points are found out to be the major causes of motorcycle accidents, one can get claims and attain justice with maximum recovery by seeking the help of motorcycle accident injury lawyers.

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