Everything you Need to Know about Natural Fabrics

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Natural fabrics are fabrics that are obtained from plants and animals, and are often considered good choices for the environment in various ways. They are been seen as eco-friendly options for synthetic fabrics. Listed below are some of the most commonly used natural fabrics that are produced by the top clothing manufacturers like Luxury Knit.


Fabrics made from cotton are used since ancient times and have been the most popular fabric all over the world. The production of cotton has taken a toll on the environment for the past years. It is a thirsty crop that grows in parched conditions and can take around 2,700 liters of water to produce a single t-shirt.

The large majority of cotton seeds available in the market are modified genetically, and genetically modified (GM) cotton is resistant to pests and weeds. The major disadvantage of GM plants is that they cannot reproduce naturally – new crops need to be planted during every season.

Organic Cotton

No pesticides or hazardous chemicals are used for producing organic cotton which makes it a safer option to harvest, and also to wear. This is seen as a much better option for the environment than synthetic cotton. Always keep in mind to look for organic cotton brands that are accredited by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), or the Better Cotton initiative (BTO).


Hemp is a wonderfully versatile plant which is considered as marijuana’s cousin. It is been used in a wide range of materials from food to body care to building materials to biofuels. It has also been used as a fabric for many years.

Hemp is an effective and nutrient-rich plant, and the fabrics get softer to wear after washing. It is also seen as an eco-friendly option to produce clothing than many other fabrics as it needs no pesticides, and requires little water. It also enriches the soil in which it grows.


Angora fur is derived from a special species of rabbit and the fur, being silky in nature, is been blended with many kinds of wool for making warm and softer clothes. Even though the hair of the rabbits sheds naturally, there is a large scale harvesting of angora which is involved in its production. This scale of production involves plucking the hair of the rabbits causing pain to them.


Clothes made out of wool are usually regarded as long term investments practically and are mainly used in winter. It is a biodegradable choice and the quality is seen to be lasting for long if it is taken care of properly.

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