Face Masks And Other Method To Stop Coronavirus Spread

The latest coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in China and countries worldwide. The primary way for its global spread was through travellers, and there has been an upward streak in the use of face masks causing shortages. This is because of the undesirable act of people stocking up. But, health professionals and the WHO do not recommend the use of face masks for the general public. So, are face masks effective and when to use them?

Why Use Facemask?

It gives better protection than regular varieties of disposable face masks, but that alone does not ensure that you are safe against the coronavirus. It also requires washing your hands frequently with soap and water as it destroys the virus. Also, you must know that there is no standard size, and you must purchase one that gives perfect fit for better protection. The common types found in drug stores or pharmacies cannot protect against viruses expelled through spittle form sneeze or cough. This is because they do not form a tight seal around the nose and mouth.

Situations Where Face Masks Are Necessary

Face mask can make a difference when used by sick people as they curb down the spread of coronavirus. Also, health care professionals recommend wearing it if you have symptoms like fever, cold or cough and to get tested. Another scenario is, it is important for healthcare professionals who are treating sick people. Those people who are involved in jobs where they have to come in contact with the general public such as drivers, security guards etc are required to wear them voluntarily. It is mandatory for airline pilots and cabin crews to use masks and gloves as well as avoid interacting with the general public during their off time.

Other Facts

Travellers must take into account that the main mode of transfer of the virus is inhalation and you must use masks as a preventive measure. As mentioned earlier washing hands with soap and water as well as using alcohol based hand sanitizer is useful. This is because the film that protects the virus is made from protein and lipids (fat). The soap and water, as well as the sanitizer have affinity for the lipid of the protective film and break it down, destroying the virus in the process. Besides, the process of washing is only effective if you do it for a minimum of 20 seconds.

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