How To Install A Signal Booster In Your Car?

It is very common to experience poor cell reception when you go on a road trip. Many parts of the world still not have a proper cellular network. Some rural areas do not have enough cell towers to provide an uninterrupted cellular reception. Therefore, it is better to have an in-vehicle signal booster while traveling through such areas. A signal booster will increase the cell signal strength and improve the cell reception inside the car.

Follow these steps to easily install a cellular repeater in your car.

Do A Soft Installation

It is better to do a soft installation before you start the actual installation process of the signal booster. Soft installation helps you to figure out where each of the components of the signal booster goes. Since the antennas are needed to be connected with the amplifier unit, the soft installation gives you an idea of the length of the cable that is required.

Choose An Ideal Location For The Amplifier

The amplifier is one of the important components of the signal booster system and you need to choose a location inside your car that is easily accessible and also safe. It is usually recommended to place the amplifier unit under the seat or dash. This will help to save space. When you choose the location for the amplifier, make sure to consider the length of the coaxial cable needed to connect the amplifier to the antennas.

Mount The Outside Antenna On The Roof Of The Car

The outside antenna of the in-vehicle signal booster should be placed in a location where it can capture the cell signals easily without any disturbances. The inside of the car is not an ideal location for the outside antenna because the glass window can block the cell signal. Make sure to mount the antenna on the roof of your car because it is the highest point on your vehicle.

Mount The Inside Antenna

The inside antenna of the in-vehicle signal booster should be placed inside the car. It rebroadcast the boosted cell signal to the devices inside the car. It is better to mount the inside antenna in a central location of the car so that the boosted cell signal can reach all the passengers equally. Make sure to install the inside antenna at the same angle as you hold your cell phone while using it. This will maximize the strength of the cell signal.

Connect The Antennas To The Booster

The last step is connecting both inside and outside antennas to the amplifier unit using coaxial cables and connecting the amplifier to the power supply.

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