Things You Should Never Do With Expensive Tequila

The market for tequila, the production of which is exclusive to Mexico, has widened significantly over the last decade. In fact, seven out of ten bottles produced in Mexico are sold abroad. Tequila is made from blue agave cultivated in five areas in Mexico that are around the town of Tequila, after which the drink is named. It takes about six to twelve years for blue agave to mature to be used in tequila making.

Here is a list of things you should never do with expensive tequila.

Mix Ice

A lot of people prefer drinking tequila by putting ice in it because they feel that it is the right way to enjoy the drink. But the opposite is true. When they add ice to tequila, they are really drinking half water and half tequila. We recommend you to take it neat without allowing it to get too cold.

Drink It In Tiny Glasses

When the size of the glass is small, it means that there is less room between your nose and the tequila. If you want to enjoy all the aroma of the drink, we would recommend sipping it from a big belly glass that makes it easy for you to soak up the entire aroma.

Mix It

There is a lot of work put into nicer spirits like tequila by the manufacturers because they want you to enjoy its true flavor and aroma. It is important that you taste exactly what is in the bottle. Stay away from mixers and drink your tequila by giving enough time to enjoy its flavor and aroma.

Chill Or Cook

The Clase bottle Tequila is in itself a showpiece, with the bottle handcrafted by experts. The handmade bottles cost between $75 and $7000. There is a lot of work put in the making of the bottle itself with each bottle taking between 10 to 14 days for its making. So you would not want to mistreat them. Room temperature is ideal for the storage of tequila and you don’t need to put it in the fridge.

Every bottle of tequila is a work of experts starting from the agave farmers to the ones who fill tequila into attractive bottles. If you want to enjoy real tequila, ensure that what you get from the store is 100 percent agave tequila.

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