Types Of Real Estate Investments To Make

Real estate is a business that has a huge potential to provide you higher returns. Therefore, a lot of people now choose to invest in real estate for easily earning money. When planning to invest in real estate, you can have a large number of options. Therefore, through this article, Reuven Gradon, one of the best real estate brokers in California, uncovers some of the great possibilities you can get if you want to invest in real estate.

Different Types Of Real Estate Investment

If you are new to the real estate business, it can be confusing for you to choose a category of property to invest in. Therefore, we are offering some of the common options available for you to consider when you are planning to invest in a property.


Residential structures include properties like houses, apartments, townhouses, vacation houses, etc. where people will pay to live in. Most residential leases will be available for one year in the United States.


Industrial real estate properties consist of everything that ranges from industrial warehouse and storage units to car washes and other special-purpose buildings that will generate sales from clients who use it. These options can usually have significant fees along with service revenue streams.


Commercial properties usually consist of office buildings and skyscrapers. You can buy or construct buildings with individual offices, and lease them out to different companies and small businesses, who would pay rent for using the property.

It is possible for commercial real estate to include multi-layer leases. This will provide greater stability in the flow of cash and protect the owner even if the rental rates decline. An important thing you have to notice is that the real estate market will fluctuate and the rental rates may increase quickly over a short period of time. But it will not be possible to increase the rates if the commercial property is tied into older agreements. Therefore, you have to be careful when creating the lease agreements.


Retail properties include shopping malls and other retail storefronts. In some situations, the owner of the property may also receive a percentage of the profit generated by the tenant in addition to the base rent for incentivizing him/her to maintain the property in better condition.

If you are planning to invest in real estate, but not sure about the type of property to invest in, then it is better to consult some experienced real estate dealers like Reuven Gradon. They can help you to choose a property based on your requirements and budget.

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